Fireplace Information

Since ages, families cherish the aristocracy of having a fireplace at home and gather around during the cold weather to create memories, get warm, chat their hearts outs and even enjoy meals. However, the days of open fire, glowing embers and burning logs have changed and taken place of much modernized versions of fireplaces.

Nowadays, you get art fireplaces that have screens and many other customized options to keep your home warm and safe ( However, fireplaces are always not in use, and look vacant and inappropriate in a well-designed house, how can you make the space vibrant even when not in use? Here are some ideas to decorate the spaces in and around a fireplace –

  1. Brightly Painted logs – Just by keeping aside the burner when not in use, you can keep few logs in a pyramid shape that are in vibrant hues of pink, blue, yellow, green and so on.
  2. The Wall Veneer – The wall around your fireplace can be a great space to add on some elegant deco. ( The stone veneer shapes give it an elegant look and yet matches with the home decor perfectly. It’s easy to clean and also a durable wall art.
  3. Wood Art Around The Fireplace – Artistic carpentry can show its best skills around the fireplace by giving it a strong frame and specific design. Such art fireplaces are common in hotel lobbies where ethanol set ups are preferred.
  4. Above The Fireplace Art Work – Anyone who loves adorning home would say that the space above a fireplace is the apt zone to hold up any dominant piece of art. It can be a canvas, a big floral set up, any brass showpiece, or epic art works in wood or metal. Choose something that complements your home interiors.
  5. Mirror Mirror On the Wall – One round big mirror with perfumed candles on either side set on the fireplace can give the home a Gothic touch. It beautifies the space and serves the purpose of lighting the room in darkness with mirror reflection of candle light.
  6. Use The Space When Not “On Fire” – Sunny months make the fireplace idle and you can easily use the space by keeping the newspaper stacker there or a bunch of fresh blossoms; sometimes it also serves to be the aquarium corner of medium size.

Nowadays, with the usage of ethanol fireplaces, the space needed is minimum and you can even detach and keep the burner aside when not in use ( Thus, specific, fireplace area is not restricted. However, the above ideas would be of great use to those who have permanent fireplace zones at home